ABOX Packaging offers you a complete suite of design services. Whether you need a completely new package, an update to an existing package or materials and structural options, our team will make sure you get the package that is right for you. We design using a CIMEX CAD system utilizing an ESKO digital cutting platform along with a FUJI plate setter. Production files go straight from design to plate. Original designs are developed using Adobe Creative Suite complete with the ability to share a complete 3D package rendering with you as part of the design process. If you work with package designers we will provide you with comprehensive electronic die drawings to help guide their efforts.

Put our deep knowledge of packaging materials to use on your next package project. We will help you develop a package that delivers your message and fits the needs of your product’s sales environment.

ABOX Packaging does not believe in the word “NO”. We believe in the word “CAN” and we want to show you what we can do for your business.

Creative Solutions in Packaging

•  Folding Cartons
•  Litho Laminated Micro Flute Packaging
•  Beverage Carriers
•  Rigid Paper Wrapped Set Up Boxes
•  Plastic Printing and Converting